Film Analysis: Erin Brockovich

Film Analysis: Erin Brockovich

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Erin Brockovich is an American biographical legal drama film released in 2000.

To sum up this movie in one sentence, it is a dramatization of the true story of Erin Brockovich, played by Julia Roberts; Hinkley fought against the energy company Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) for its guilt in the groundwater pollution incident. The movie's main character, Erin, is a woman who is trying to make a living with her three children and somehow finds ways to survive. Erin, whose life is in a deadlock due to her misfortunes, takes a job at a law firm to make a living. One day, while facing a lawsuit, his whole life changes when something accidentally catches his eye. Erin realizes that one of the American oil companies, PG&E, has added a chromium compound to a region's water that has a very negative impact on human health. The people of the region, to whom the company employees are silent, cannot raise their voice against this bullying because they do not know the behind-the-scenes and the facts. Erin takes on the case alone, and her life changes completely.

From the first minute to the last minute of the movie, we watch how Erin stands alone in the face of her life problems. Erin, who has three children and has no hope for the future, is constantly despised and crushed by the people around her as she struggles to survive. However, despite not being a lawyer, the most remarkable point in the movie is that he successfully took the case and achieved what he wanted at the end of the case. One of the essential parts of the movie is that after Erin's lawyer friend Ed starts working at the law firm, the employees exclude her because of her dress. One of the scenes that impresses me the most is that although Erin is ostracized because of her dress, Erin does not care about this situation and stands up high against it. Erin's character represents all women who are oppressed and despised in society. As it is known, all women who are oppressed due to the dynamics of patriarchal societies have become this way. Throughout the film, Erin, who mirrors the bullying and problems that women face in their daily lives, confronted the people around her alone, causing a change in their perspectives. I liked Erin's strong stance because Erin's female solid figure who never gives up further strengthened the image of how strong a woman is in society and can easily overcome any problem. Thus, a social message was given to the audience. I think that every person who makes his bread out of stone and somehow finds a way to survive sees himself by following Erin's efforts and faith. Erin's sentence, "I am smart, I am hardworking, I will do everything, and I am not leaving here without a job" should set an example for everyone who has lost their faith and should keep their motivation high despite everything.

If I were to criticize the movie, I thought there was a disconnect between the events initially, but the movie picked itself up towards the end. I think the duration of the movie is longer than it should be and is unnecessarily prolonged. On the other hand, there is more than one thing I would praise the movie for. To clarify, Julia Roberts took the movie to the next level with her beauty and dedication to the role. Considering that the script was taken from an actual event in this film, in which the true story of Erin Brockovich is dramatized, I find this performance of Julia Roberts extremely successful.

As a result, Erin Brockovich, like many women in society, has lived a rather difficult life. Playing Erin Brockovich, Julia Roberts has no hope for money, a future, or a career. As the phrase "I hate lawyers, I just work for them" points out, Erin is in a complicated situation and has had to find somehow a way to stand on her own two feet. Erin's dislike for lawyers and being both unemployed and broke did not stop her friend Ed from working with the lawyers at the law firm.

I think the message to be conveyed in the movie is very clear. In other words, those who watch the movie can easily understand that Erin represents all women who are despised, humiliated, and oppressed in society, rather than representing a woman or an individual.

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